The core role of the Unit is to carry out special audits of Government Ministries and Departments and State-Owned Entities.

A special audit is initiated upon request from any of the following:

  • Office of the Prime Minister;
  • Permanent Secretary for Economy;
  • Permanent Secretary of any other Ministry; or
  • Other request that will be approved by the Permanent Secretary for Economy.

This is then sanctioned by the Permanent Secretary for Economy by way of a Special Audit Terms of Reference.

The Unit identifies the root causes and provides practical recommendations for the Agency to implement.

Since 2015, the Unit has received an average of ten (10) special Audit requests annually, largely relating to issues arising from limitations in Financial and Performance Internal Controls.

In addition to working with other Government Ministries and Departments, the Special Investigations Unit also works closely with the Police Department and FICAC in the referral of cases that relate to criminal and corrupt practices, for their further investigation.