A full understanding of the budget planning and preparation cycle is essential, not just to derive expenditure projections but to be able to advise policy makers on the feasibility and desirability of specific budget proposals from a macroeconomic perspective. As such, budget planning and preparation is the fundamental of good public expenditure management.

The Budget and Planning Division is responsible for the preparation of the national budget as well as the monitoring of the Government expenditures. The Division also take the lead role in monitoring and evaluation of the Key Performance Indicators outlined in the 5-Year & 20-Year National Development Plan.

Four Sectors for the DIvision
  1. General Administration Sector: the sector comprises of Ministries and Departments that are mandated to maintain law and order, strengthen good governance, human resource development, managing government finance, communications and ICT Infrastructure, international cooperation and climate change. 
  1. Social Services Sector – Ministries and Departments under this sector focus on empowering Fijians to attain sustainable livelihoods with the provision of better healthcare, education, housing and social safety nets to ensure better standard of living.
  1. Economic Services Sector – the sector comprises of three economic sectors; the primary sector which includes agriculture, mining and other natural resource industries; the secondary sector covering manufacturing, engineering and construction and the tertiary sector which handle the service industries; and 
  2. Infrastructure Services Sector – the sector is mandated to manage Ministries and Agencies that administer the network of Fijian infrastructure, which has vastly expanded over the past decade that includes roads, bridges, ports, jetties, and transport, water and sewerage services.