The Assets and Liabilities sub-division consists of:

Asset Management & Monitoring Unit

The Asset Management & Monitoring Unit is responsible with the implementation of the National Asset Management Framework approved by Cabinet in December 2016 for the effective management, valuation and accounting of non-financial assets across Government.

The unit also assesses the provision postal and banking services in the rural and maritime areas and provides oversight monitoring with the Public Enterprise Unit on the state owned enterprises.

Debt & Cash Flow Management Unit

The Debt & Cash Flow Management Unit manages the borrowing plan of Government in accordance with the daily cash requirements at Whole of Government level.

The core responsibilities of the Debt & Cash Flow Management Unit includes the management of the external debt and domestic debt.  The unit also manages through the assessment of risks associated with contingent liabilities held in form of Government guarantees of state owned entities and statutory authorities and the management of revenue in arrears and that lent out to entities.

Risk and Compliance Unit

The risk and compliance unit is responsible for the assessment of risks and performance of inspections / audits on projects and programs of Government with the intent to lead the implementation of the recommendations on the findings to manage/mitigate risks. The unit also reviews key systems and processes and will assist to standardize work processes at Whole of Government level.